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Day Trading Attention to build connection and put brands on the forefront for what's next
Day Trading Attention to build connection and put brands on the forefront for what's next


we are a modern day media unit.

As a part of the BIG FIVE GROUP, BIG FIVE media recognises that exponential change to create exponential opportunity. 

We build content channels and formats to give brands a space to trade attention into measurable results. 

We do this through a range of intelligent tools that help us to understand the audience behaviour better than any before. 






BIG FIVE Studio is a global acting modern day content production and publishing network that is focused on the production of high quality and authentic content formats that help entrepreneurs to get the needed attention for their brands.


On The Way Up

OnTheWayUp is a content brand created and managed by the BIG FIVE Media unit, which is primary release in different episodes on YouTube. The Format has the mission to build a community around entrepreneurship topics by telling unique stories and sharing modern education.
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The Way Up Diary

An on going video format that shows the journey of Yannic Vollmer, who is the founder of the BIG FIVE GROUP, of building businesses with all the learnings from behind the scenses of being an entrepreneur.
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Tea & Tokens

A special format within the "Way Up Diary" Series where Yannic Vollmer explains different use cases of blockchain technology and tokenization that can transfrom a bunch of different industries.
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Supported by a unique ecosystem

BIG FIVE Media is a Business Unit within the BIG FIVE GROUP, a modern-day business building, media and investment company that provides a unique ecosystem that exists to onboard entrepreneurship to web 3 by building communities and providing infrastructure. 

Venture Network

We give our venture network a platform to reach their audience through high quality content formats on social. 


We give young enterprises a stage to get attention on their uniqe innovations by talking about in our shows.


BIG FIVE Services covers all the creative work in the background to create outstanding pieces of content. 


We will enable our amazing NFT based community to join our media network by becoming a face of new formats. 


BIG FIVE Records is a modern day decentralized record label and music distribution company that uses blockchain technology to build intelectual property assets for the artists. We release Music as NFTs on the blockchain and build a unique asset network for the future of the music industry.