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Media for what's next

Providing infrastructure for a new generation of media publishing.

The global media landscape is in a huge transformation driven by technology, AI and the gab of trust. We want to build a decentralized premium media network for the audiences of the future.

As we see a huge shift in the global world of media publications from centralised media organisations into a decentralized digital space of authentic content creators and media influencers, we believe it is that time to step into this movement and provide a intelligent infrastructure to enable a whole new generation of digital media. Using state of the art AI technology we make the entire process from research to public publications more effective than ever before.

Media Savanna


We believe that future media publications are primary based on trustful data. We use AI research models to find the single truth of information sources.

Information that is proven by facts and science, fitting to the audience’s behaviours

We don't work like traditional startup incubators. We believe the way how business are build needs to be changes. That's why we work with a more decentralized approach. Every idea needs different knowledge and we use human connections to find the right experts to build something impactful.


We see a decentralized future of media publications that cross connect audiences. Therefore be provide and develop a technical infrastructure.

We provide a decentralized tech-infrastructure to enable a new generation of premium media

We use intelligent technology to develop a decentralized infrastructure that runs a network of premium media publications. Specialized on building digital relationships with the different audiences and delivering high valuable information over digital communication channels.

Content Modeling

We use AI trained co-writers that speak the language of the audiences and that are focused on deliver the most relevant information.

Fact and science based content modelling focused on high value

We use our trained AI model to model and structure the different content topics within our publication channels. To really fit the needs and behaviours of the audiences.


We are focused on premium media publications in niche topics of mass information markets and implement smart monetisation systems.

We implement smart and easy to use monetisation features

We make a shift from mass media publications to high value information broadcasting that are loved by audiences and that generate automated revenue for the publishers and creators.


We believe that human communities are the most valuable asset for any business. That’s why we build human communities around our media publications.

Connecting decentralized audiences based on data

Using our AI data agent we are able to suggest perfect fitting media publications to every individual of the BIG FIVE MEDIA platform this enables whole new channels for individual promotions that sill deliver a high value.

✳︎ Why work with the BIG FIVE?

We support what's needed to challenge the existing state of affairs. We mean you and I. We only work collaborative with our partners. What's needed is not always what's expected.